Rae Bronenkant

Youth Leadership Coordinator

Rae (she/her) grew up in Massachusetts, spending her days exploring her backyard and the local trails by her house. She came to Vermont in 2015 to finish her undergraduate degree at the University of Vermont in Environmental Studies, and has been here ever since then. As an Audubon Vermont intern she helped to create a climate change education framework as her senior UVM Capstone Project. After graduating in 2017 Rae served at Audubon Vermont as the Environmental Education and Outreach AmeriCorps member for two years.

Rae is excited to be the new Youth Leadership Coordinator at Audubon Vermont. Over the years Rae has gained knowledge in environmental education through working with many different organizations and enjoys being a naturalist at Audubon. Her passions reside in the phenology of Vermont, and in engaging all people with opportunities to foster a love for the natural world and the interconnectedness of all things. In Rae’s free time she enjoys all changes and magic in each season in Vermont by hiking, biking, skiing, painting, taking notes, and studying field guides.

Articles by Rae Bronenkant


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