Toyota TogetherGreen Program

Vermont's Fellowship and Collaboration Grants 


Since its inception, the Toyota TogetherGreen Program has trained more than 450 conservation leaders who have mobilized over 300,000 people to reduce energy, protect wildlife habitat, and improve water quality across the country.

Audubon Vermont and our partners have collaborated to complete six projects with TogetherGreen, and have enrolled three staff members in the TogetherGreen Fellowship program for leadership training and support.  In the last five years, TogetherGreen has awarded more than $200,000 in grants that directly support our work here in Vermont.  For more information on our Fellows or the Collaboration Grants we have completed, see the links below.


Jim Shallow
Mark LaBarr
Daniel Schmidt

Collaboration Grants

Promoting Forest Stewardship in the Northeast
Forestry for the Birds:  Working with Maine Forest Landowners and Managers 
Connecting Landowners with New Green Markets to Protect Forests
Migration Stories
Engaging Vermont’s Private Landowners in Bird Conservation
Community-Based Habitat Management to Protect Global Bird Populations


How you can help, right now