Summer Day Camps

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Debbie Archer

Summer Camp Manager
After spending 3 years teaching outdoor education on the west coast in Alaska and Southern California, Debbie made a happy return to the east coast, joining the education team at the Green Mountain Audubon Center in 2015. With a M.S. in Environmental Science and experience as an educator, naturalist, and camp program manager, she has a passion for getting kids outside into nature and won't flinch at the opportunity to howl like a coyote or sing a song about a polar bear. She knows the importance of having the opportunity to have hands-on learning experiences where everything from the development of social skills to math thinking can occur. This is Debbie's 4th summer of Audubon Camp. If Debbie were an animal, she would be a Musk Ox because they are the unicorns of the north.

Emily Kaplita

Assistant Camp Manager
Emily is from Connecticut, but has been in Vermont for the past year at Audubon Vermont as an AmeriCorps member.  She graduated in May 2016 with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Biology from Dickinson College. This will be Emily's third summer with Audubon Vermont summer camp, and she cannot wait to explore the wilderness, build fairy homes and spend lots of time out in the sun again.  Emily loves to learn from nature and understands the importance on hands-on learning. If Emily could be one animal for the rest of her life she would be a sea otter.

Rae Bronenkant

Youth Leadership Program Coordinator

Rae grew up in Massachusetts, spending her childhood outside exploring outdoors, which fostered a deep love of the natural world. Rae is a recent graduate from the University of Vermont, with a degree in Environmental Studies. Rae fell in love with teaching at the Marine Science Center in Washington, teaching her very first program about one of her favorite topics, the ocean. Sharing her passion with those students ignited a passion for teaching and environmental education. From that moment forward Rae knew that teaching was the path for her. Rae is excited to be serving in an outdoor classroom environment and teaching nature-based education full time. Rae decided to become an AmeriCorps Member because she wanted to be a part of a group of dedicated, intelligent people and to make a difference in Vermont for an organization which she loves. Rae enjoys playing in the outdoors any chance she can, all year round: skiing all winter and hiking and biking all other seasons. She loves spending time with her best buddy, her 13 year old Labrador.

Sarah Hooghuis

Outreach and Education AmeriCorps Member

Sarah hails from Connecticut where she spent most of her childhood exploring the wetland and hardwood forest in the park just across the street, which cultivated a deep respect and interest in the natural world. She recently graduated from Skidmore College with a degree in Environmental Studies with a focus on environmental education and food systems. In between semesters Sarah taught at environmental education organizations from New Mexico to Martha’s Vineyard where she enjoyed sharing the natural and cultural history of the land with campers. Most of all, Sarah loves teaching how natural and cultivated landscapes interact with one another and where their relationship can be more sustainable. Sarah is excited to be the Americorps Member at Audubon Vermont because it is an opportunity to give back to both the greater community and an organization she loves, while also building her skills as a naturalist. In her free time Sarah writes poetry, forages for wild edibles, and cooks elaborate vegetarian meals. 

Gwen Causer

Teacher Naturalist

Gwendolyn grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and graduated from Oberlin College in Ohio. Gwendolyn was introduced to Audubon in 2002, diving into the wonderful preschool and family programs with her daughter Ella. She deepened her connection to Audubon as a volunteer with Ella, monitoring Eastern Bluebird nest boxes and Eastern Red-Backed Salamander populations. Gwendolyn Causer has been teaching environmental education programs with Audubon Vermont since 2005. Gwendolyn’s first love in nature is botany and she does most of her birding by ear. She is passionate about creating equitable access to nature for communities not traditionally included in the environmental movement. Gwendolyn lives near Lake Champlain in Burlington with her husband Gary and enjoys Nordic skiing, swimming, and skating on "wild" ice.

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