Vermont Peregrine Falcons Have a Successful Breeding Season

All previously closed cliffs are reopened and fledglings are hunting on their own.

Overall the 2020 Peregrine Falcon breeding season was a very successful one.  Of the 55 pairs that were monitored by community scientists and Audubon Vermont and Vermont Fish & Wildlife staff, at least 48 nested, and at least 36 were successful. The known successful pairs produced a minimum of 77 fledglings. These young falcons are now independent from their parents - they are flying and hunting on their own. 

All cliffs that were closed to climbing and hiking are now open again. We greatly appreciate all the efforts of Vermont's community scientists, recreationists, partners and landowners - each of which played a key role in the success of the season. For more information on this endangered species success story, visit:

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