Forest Classroom

Turtle Time Take TWO

Week 18: May 18, 2022

Second to last week! We are so excited that we got to spend so much time with each other but also, knowing we only have one more week left is hard. Since we didn't get to go to Beaver Pond last week, we all agreed that after our field game we would go to the pond and catch some critters. WE SURE CAUGHT CRITTERS!

Our total count came to:

1 painted turtle

2 leechs

4 dragonfly nmyphs 

8 tadpols or pollywogs 

12 crawfish

22 eastern newts

We were catching pros today and it was AWESOME! We also had some great artists who built a nice mud home for some of the critters when the basin got to full.

Students scoping out the pond
Making our first observations of the pond before we start catching Photo: Audubon Vermont
Turtle on rock in basin
Painted turtle enjoying the sunshine on the little area we built for it. Photo: Audubon Vermont
Basin full of pond creatures
The collect of critters that we caught in the first 30 minutes Photo: Audubon Vermont
student working on nature basin for critters
Creating the second mud basin for critters that we catch. Photo: Audubon Vermont

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