Forest Classroom

Our Final Day

Week 19: May 25, 2022

Our final day together, it's tough to say goodbye, but so many of us are so connected that we will see each other again soon. upon arrival we started with our journals, we all wrote a goodbye note to our natural object and sat with them one last time. We then enjoyed some free explore time before planning the rest of our day. We had an exciting activity to do, a BIrdathon! We walked around the center and to the different areas and habitats where we would see a variety of different birds. The goal isn't to see all of the birds, but try and see and hear as many different species of birds as possible.

Our Birdathon list:

  1. Tree swallow
  2. Chestnut sided warbler
  3. Turkey vulture
  4. Common yellow throat
  5. Red eyed vireo
  6. Gray Catbird
  7. Tufted titmouse
  8. White breasted nuthatch
  9. Yellow rumped warbler
  10. Blue jay
  11. Black capped chickadee
  12. Ruffed grouse
  13. Bluebird
  14. Ovenbird
  15. American Robin
  16. Phoebe
  17. Alder flycatcher
  18. Louisiana waterthrush
  19. Crow
  20. Spotted sandpiper

We ended at beaver pond where we explored one last time this season and enjoyed playing and laughing with each other.

Students with Binoculars
Learned how to use binoculars and used them to see the birds in our sugarbush and beyond Photo: Audubon Vermont
Student using binoculars
Looking through the binoculars to see a bird in the distance! Photo: Audubon Vermont
exploring the pond
Walking the pond to see what we can catch before we try. Photo: Audubon Vermont
students looking out at the pond
Photo: Audubon Vermont
students at the pond catching critters
On the look our for Critters! Photo: Audubon Vermont

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