May 19th: Transportation and Trillium

What crazy weather we are having in Vermont lately.  Last week it was beautiful and in the high 70's and this week it was cloudy/raining and mid 50's.  Luckily our students at Forest Preschool don't care what the weather is, if they are prepared, they are ready to go outside! We played outside for a while in the morning, but then the rain started to come down a little harder than we liked, so we went inside and Debbie showed us something really cool.  It was a topographic map of Vermont!  It had all of the mountains and valleys that surround us, we could feel how the land is shaped and were able to find us in Huntington! We spent some time talking about different modes of transportation and what everyone has taken.  It was amazing hear about our transportation stories! We had snack and with our wild imaginations created another story.  This story was about Black the hippo and his hippo group who always make a trek to New York City to set up their tents so that a magical unicorn can sprinkle magical unicorn dust on the tents.  This dust allows them to fly and soar through the sky. The story followed Blacks journey trying to find his tent and get to New York to make it in time! Debbie and Emily really enjoyed hearing where the forest preschoolers took the story. When we finally got to forest camp we broke off and everyone started to do something a little different.  One of us found a log with ants and wanted to help them, so they broke up pieces of leaves and laid them on the log to help feed them! Many of us love to make our various mud dishes!  Some even became witches and made a wonderful witch stew in our cauldron and made sure to share it with everyone! Smiles are always present on Friday's at Forest Camp!  We are always happy to find new things and find all of the beauty that nature has.  The smell of leaves in a cup and a huge Trillium flower are just a few things that will make us smile.   It's so crazy to think we have 2 MORE SESSIONS! Debbie and Emily have enjoyed every second with the forest preschoolers!  Lets hope for sunshine and warm weather!

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