Forest Classroom

Maple Magic!

Week 9: March 9, 2022

We started off our day focusing on all things maple! We first started by splitting up into 3 groups of 3 and tapping 3 trees each, meaning as a whole group we tapped 9 trees in our sugarbush. Everyone got a turn to drill the hole, hammer in the tap, and hang the bucket. Tapping trees takes a lot of great teamwork that this group thrives with.

Student hammering in a tap
It takes a lot of concentration to hammer in the tap! You know it's in enough once the tone of the hammer changes with each hit. Photo: Audubon Vermont
Student hammering in a tap
Working on hammering in one of our shark fin taps to hang a bucket from! Photo: Audubon Vermont
Students drilling a hole in a maple tree
Working together to drill the hole for the tap in the maple tree. Photo: Audubon Vermont
Students hanging a sap bucket
Placing the sap bucket perfectly so it hangs well to collect all the sap! Photo: Audubon Vermont

After we tapped all the trees, we then began on our search for the Golden Tap! We dicusssed how we wanted to move through the woods to cover the most area in quickest way possible. We spread out and did transects on the forest searching each tap to see if it was golden. After 5 minutes, if not less, we found the Golden tap!

Students standing near the golden tap tree
WE found the Golden Tap! Photo: Audubon Vermont

Since we found it so quickly, we then voted on what to do with the rest of our time and we agreed to go to Beaver Pond and see how it had changed. Of course we ended our day tasting some maple syrup!

Student holding ice
We had a lot of fun breaking of these crystal clear sections of ice off Beaver Pond. Photo: Audubon Vermont
Students lined up looking at the pond
Observing the Beaver pond and it's ice. Photo: Audubon Vermont

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