Forest Classroom

Late Spring Brook Exploration

Week 17: May 11, 2022

Something that has been so powerful this year is so many of the students in the program have seen Audubon tranform through the seasons. We have visited the pond in summer, fall, winter, and spring. We have see the brook be frozen and still have moving water flowing, we have walked on the ice, and also seen it almost be dried up, and over flowing and rushing from the snow melt. Having all of these experiences has allowed us to learn how to explore safely based on the season and weather, and learn during what season things happen and what we can expect to see. Today was a perfecy later spring day! We spent time making rock paint and giving each other tattoos, forging through the brook and having imaginary explorations. We also found a two lined salamder in the rockers as well! Many of us participating in stick races too, starting from the top of the waterfall and watching for see which stick got to the end first!

Student showing off rock paint tattoo
Enjoying our rock paint tattoos! Photo: Audubon Vermont
Student building dam across the brook
Building a dam using a log across the brook to help deepen the pool of water. Photo: Audubon Vermont
Students crossing the brook
Found a safe and shallow part of the brook to cross over! Photo: Audubon Vermont
Brook with students on rocks
Students participating in the stick racing competition! Photo: Audubon Vermont
Two lined salamander in a cup
The two lined salamander that was caught in the shallow rocky edge of the brook! Photo: Audubon Vermont

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