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JR Conservation Crew

Ecology Day Camp Week 1

Tuesday: All about birds!

            We learned bird songs, bird ID and made bird nests, played park ranger and camouflage and poison dart frog. In the afternoon we went to beaver pond and caught leeches, frogs, HUGE tadpoles and more.

Looking and IDing what is in our Looky no Touchy bins! Photo: Audubon Vermont
ID birds nest Photo: Audubon Vermont

Wednesday: Plant Day!

            We learned about the difference between invasive and native plants. We pulled up 4 areas where buckthorn and honeysuckle were growing and learned how to ID them. In the afternoon we explored the river and cooled down.

Removing Invasives!
Removing Invasive plants! Photo: Audubon Vermont


            We painted rocks in the morning, played field games, put together bird houses, explored the brook and caught salamanders and crayfish. We played everybody's it tag, camouflage, and telephone.

Building bird houses
Building bird houses Photo: Audubon Vermont


Today we planted our plants for the bird garden and made seed bombs out of mud, wildflower seeds, and egg cartons to help pollinators. We played “Life and Death in the Forest” in the afternoon and enjoyed our last day together.

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