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Incredible Insects

Preschool Camp week 1

This week the kiddos used their building skills to make insect homes for many different species of bugs!

On Tuesday they learned about the different types of spider webs and went into the forest to spin their own webs. We did a leaf litter search where we learned about the different critters living at Mossy Rocks! We found so many different critters big and small, like slugs, newts, salamanders, worms and more. Our looky no touchy bin was a great opportunity to observe critters while learning to respect the animals while learning from them.

Dress a butterfly and dress a spider were great opportunities to learn about the different parts of the insects and spiders! We got to learn why a spider is not an insect and the different body parts of each. Our CIT’s did a great job dressing up and our staff member Hanna even the spider hokey pokey and put all eight legs in the circle.

Dress a butterfly
Dress a butterfly Photo: Audubon Vermont

Wednesday they each got to pick their own critter and build it a nice home with all the amenities any bug would need!

A camper's luxurious bug home. Photo: Audubon Vermont

A camper's luxurious bug home.

Thursday all our friends went on a long hike to the brook that was so worth it! We brought snacks and water and learned about many aquatic insects and animals! We got in the water and searched all morning for rayfish, minnows, and salamanders. We also found a bunch of fly larvae, including crane flies!

Friday was all about pollinators and their role in the environment. We learned the different parts of a flower as we dressed our CIT, Ella, up as a flower. We then dressed our CIT, Kate, up as a Bee to learn the different parts of a bee, as well as how pollinators help our world and interact with flowers. We then made seed bombs to help our pollinator friends find some food.

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