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Hooray for Habitats

Preschool Nature Camp, week 8

This week we explored the swamp, river, meadow, and forest to discover and learn the plants and animals that call Audubon home! We used scientific tools like binoculars, hand lenses, and nets to explore our ecosystem. Food, water, shelter, and space make a happy living place!

Monday we focused on what is a habitat. We made habitat journals and learned the 4 components of a habitat: food, water, shelter, space. There was a song we learned too! Throughout this whole week we worked on our habitat boxes.

Campers on Mossy Rocks
Exploring Mossy Rocks Photo: Audubon Vermont

Tuesday we took a look at who lives in trees. In the morning we enjoyed a bird walk and learned how to use binoculars. Later in the day we built bird nests at forest camp and did a leaf litter search to learn who lives in fallen logs. We also took some time to understand what dead standing trees (snags) are who how they are super helpful and important to our forests.

Camper in the forest
Leaf litter searches always make us smile Photo: Audubon Vermont

Wednesday we investigated who lives in the meadow by field sweeping with nets and insects guides. WE also got to stop by the bird banding station and see a bird up close! In the afternoon we went on an insect scavenger hunt in the garden and finished the bird nests we worked on yesterday as well as played at forest camp.

Campers at Bird Banding
Photo: Audubon Vermont

Thursday we learned about who lives at the pond. In the morning we hiked down to Beaver Pond and used nets to see what we could catch. We saw frogs, newts, and water bugs! In the afternoon we played at Forest Camp and explored.

Campers with mud
We love muddy hands! Photo: Audubon Vermont

Friday is our final day of camp and we discovered who lives at the brook. We hiked all the way to the Sherman Hollow Brook and searched with nets. We found some dragonfly larva, salamanders, crayfish, and so much more. We also collected a rock which later we painted into our pet fish rock. In the afternoon we enjoyed a leaf litter search at mossy rocks and ended our day with closing circle!

red eft
Red Eft we found at the Brook Photo: Audubon Vermont

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