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Highlights from Pre-K Nature Camp

July 13, 2017

The Chickadee Tree (AM) 

This week for our morning pre-school nature camp, we spent our days learning what it is like to be a bird through playing, building nests, practicing our bird calls and many other fun activities! On Monday, we played a camp called "Beak Beak, What Do You Eat?", where campers used different tools to mimic different beak types. Then, we played the dress-a-bird game and dressed one of our campers up as a bird! Finally, we learned what certain features make birds what they are and played games to go along with it.  

Dress a Bird Pre-K Camp
Dress-A-Bird! Photo: Audubon Vermont

On Tuesday, we hiked to Lookout Rock and played Bird Behavior Bingo and made paper mache masks. We went down to the Sugarbush on Wednesday, it was a big hiking day! There, we explored the woods, listened to different birds, and even built our very own bird nests. 

FIeld Pre-K Camp
Photo: Audubon Vermont
Dress a Bird Pre-K Camp
Photo: Audubon Vermont
Lookout Rock camp
A view from the top Photo: Audubon Vermont
Group Pic Camp
A Happy Group of Chickadees! Photo: Audubon Vermont

Little Paws and Tiny Claws (PM)

Little Paws and Tiny Claws was a week full of truly becoming an animal and exploring the woods the way they would. On Monday, we hiked up to Mossy Rocks where we turned into deer and put on our deer ears for the hike back and looked for danger to flash our tails to signal the group. On Tuesday, we hied to the brook to look for aquatic baby animals. Campers found tiny salamanders, crayfish and fish. They had a blast exploring the water! Wednesday, was all about foxes, and we learned all about fox sneaking, tracking and den bulidng along the sensory trail. Campers learned how to walk sneaky, just like foxes, and to be stealthy in nature! 

group pic pre-k
Photo: Audubon Vermont
Sensory TRail Pre-k camp
A walk along The Old Sensory Trail Photo: Audubon Vermont
Team Work
Teamwork! Photo: Audubon Vermont

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