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Highlights from Hootin' and Howlin'

July 13, 2017

This week's camp was all about animals that hoot and howl. We played all sorts of hiding games, practiced our camouflage skills, used our sense to navigate and explore like animals, and enjoyed many other games and activities along the way. We discovered so many different types of reptiles and amphibians, such as salamanders, garter snakes and tiny spring peepers. 

snake at camp
Our counselor, Kitt, helped us find a snake! Photo: Audubon Vermont
River Spot Camp
Photo: Audubon Vermont
Second Camp Snake
Photo: Audubon Vermont
Frog at camp
Photo: Audubon Vermont

On Monday, we went to the brook and built bridges and dams, and also went to Beaver Pond where campers caught leeches and water scorpions, and even created their own leech pond. The brook was our counselor, Emilie's, favorite spot, as she loved how many activities the kids could do there and have so much fun!

Nature yoga camp
Photo: Audubon Vermont

On Tuesday, we went to a part of the Huntington River and found a huge rock in the middle for all of us to enjoy our snack. We also made our own camouflage masks and used them to hide amongst ferns and pine trees while playing a game of camouflage. Campers also did some nature yoga to destress in the woods. 

Relaxing Yoga at Camp
Truly relaxing mid-day. Photo: Audubon Vermont
More camp yoga
Photo: Audubon Vermont
Caterpillar ecology camp
Photo: Audubon Vermont

On Wednesday, we went to a new spot down the stream and saw a waterfall. Then, we went to a secret beach off the path and enjoyed some time there. Later, we did a relay down in the field and played some other games. 

River Camp
Photo: Audubon Vermont
More camp river
Photo: Audubon Vermont

Although Thursday brought rain, we did not let that stop us from having fun outside. In the morning, we played a rainy day scavenger hunt and looked for places that animals hide in the rain and learned what animals like to be outside in the rain. After lunch, we did some more nature yoga to dry off in the clubhouse.  We also went to hemlock swamp to build fairy houses and played at peeper pond. We will finish the day with an art activity where we will make stained glass decals made of different animal shapes. 

Camo Masks Camp
Some camouflage masks! Photo: Audubon Vermont
More camo masks
Photo: Audubon Vermont
Scooping at the brook
Photo: Audubon Vermont
Critters at camp
Photo: Audubon Vermont

On Friday, we will close out the week with learning how to build fires, and playing a learning and teaching game. Last but definitely not least, we will play our beloved camp game, Life and Death in the Forest. This game which teaches about species dynamics in the forest through hiding, running and pretend preying on groups of other "animals".  

Camp group picture
Hootin' and Howlin'! Photo: Audubon Vermont

Hootin' and Howlin' was truly a week of learning how different animals think and act, and exploring all things big and small around us. We played, learned and discovered so many different critters!

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