Female Bushtit
Female Bushtit

Female Bushtit Photo: Nancy Christensen/Macaulay Library
Female Bushtit Photo: Nancy Christensen/Macaulay Library


Female Bird Day: May 29 - 31

Help us study and appreciate the most misunderstood birds in North America.

The Galbatrosses are organizing a weekend of female-focused birding this weekend and would like you to join them! 

“An unconscious bias against female birds is widespread in birding,” writes Kenn Kaufman. " As birders and ornithologists, we assume that many female birds are duller, quieter, and less behaviorally complex and interesting than their counterparts. But recent science has exposed the myth behind this idea."

The Galbatrosses are a group of scientists, birders, writers, and conservationists who are connected through the National Audubon Society. They first came together to count feathered females at the 2019 World Series of Birding and are now looking to share the love and nerdiness with the rest of their diverse community.

Visit the Female Bird Day website to get more information and to find a google form so you can share your tips and techniques for identifying female birds in the field. Click here. 

Meet the Galbotrasses!

Brooke Bateman (she/her)
Senior Scientist, National Audubon Society
Stephanie Beilke (she/her)
Conservation Scientist, Audubon Great Lakes
Martha Harbison (they/their)
Senior Network Content Editor, National Audubon Society
Purbita Saha (she/her)
Member, Bergen County Audubon Society
Joanna Wu (she/her)
Avian Biologist, National Audubon Society

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