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Creepers and Crawlers

July 6-9, 2021


Preschool Camper explains why there is a corn-dog shape to his playdough snake

This week we got down to earth, searching for everything that creeps, crawls, or both! We kicked off the week with a creature scavenger hunt and found ourselves building a tiny hotel for all of our salamander friends. We dug in search of our favorite worms and held a worm race to find out which one was the fastest. One day we watched the Audubon team and learned the process of bird banding, and escaped the afternoon heat by scooping critters at the brook and Beaver Pond. We explored the woods and found critters hiding inside an old log, and even under mossy rocks!

Campers finish designing their worm race track Photo: Audubon Vermont
And we're off to the races! The worm races! Photo: Audubon Vermont
I hope you found them all! Campers lined up laminated bugs and creature toys to count them Photo: Audubon Vermont

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