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Preschool Nature Camp, Week 3

This week we were all about birds! We can ready to learn about their songs, how to make nests, play games, and explore the bird world.

Monday we focused on an introduction to birds. We saw what everyone knew already to see where we needed to start. We learned how to use binoculars and enjoyed a bird walk and scavenger hunt! We also learned some bird songs and calls too, and sang them as we walked.

Wednesday we started right away getting crafty and made bird masks! After snack we hiked to hemlock swamp and heard stories about the swamp monster, learned all things trees and why birds need them! We enjoyed an activity where we learned about different bird beaks and what they eat. In the afternoon we made a terrarium for some earthworms and other friends! To cool down we enjoyed the sprinkler and watermelon!

bird beak lesson
Learning about different kinds of bird beaks Photo: Audubon Vermont
Students learning about Bird beaks
Students learning about Bird beaks Photo: Audubon Vermont
Sprinkler fun
Enjoying the cool and fun sprinkler! Photo: Audubon Vermont
camper with critter
Finding critters for our terrarium Photo: Audubon Vermont

Thursday morning we made real life nests at mossy rocks! These nests were impressive, some birds will definitely use them. As a craft we made our own personal bird nests to take home! Again it was a hot day so we enjoyed the sprinkler and running around in the shade.

Learning about nest
Taking a look at real bird nests! Photo: Audubon Vermont
camper nest building
Building real birds nests Photo: Audubon Vermont
a take home nest
One of our nests that we can take home! Photo: Audubon Vermont

Friday we crafted again and made eggs for our bird nests that we made yesterday. We played a lot of games inside and outside and got to read a lot of birds about birds too!

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