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Chickadee Tree

July 15-19 2019

We sure to love birds here at Audubon, and Chickadee Tree Preschool Camp was focusing all on birds this week!

We had a Raptor boot camp earlier in the week and learned all about our birds of prey! We were challenged with an obstacle course (yay!). Before we could go through the course, with their Audubon magic, Emily W and Mady transformed us into owls (with masks that we made earlier).  We flew over and under tables, dove through hoops and soared high up into the sky like the owls we were!

All week once we got to Audubon we were transformed in birds and spent so much time soaring on many sensory walks through the garden and on the Hires trail too. To truly turn us into the best birds we could be, we made wonderful wings! We colored and decorated them, then soared through the garden with all of our other bird friends.

Taking our wings for a spin! Photo: Audubon Vermont
Photo: Audubon Vermont

This week we learned about bird nests, like why they are so important to birds, how many eggs can fit into a nest, etc. We even built our own nests in the woods and protected our eggs from predators (aka Mady and Emily W).

To top off all of our bird knowledge we learned some birdcalls.  We listened to what some common birds in Vermont sound like, and learned their mnemonics too, like how a chickadee sounds like it's saying its name "chickadee-dee-dee".  We spent the afternoon signing these calls and quizzing each other.

Photo: Audubon Vermont

What a Birdtastic Week!

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