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Birds, Bats, and Bugs!

Preschool Nature Camp, Week 2

Birds, bats, and bugs kite
Photo: Audubon Vermont

This week was full of things with wings, our birds, bats, and bugs! We had so much fun exploring Audubon looking for our bird friends, flying like an insect, and building a bat cave!

Building out Bat caves
Working on our Bat caves! Photo: Audubon Vermont
Bat cave
Our Bat Cave Photo: Audubon Vermont

This week we built bird nests in the woods and with chocolate and noodles (yummy). We also saw some birds with binoculars too. 

Students with Binoculars
Photo: Audubon Vermont

We looked for insects at peeper pond, we learned that there are insects in the air, and also in the water too. These insects are really important for birds who are flying around like the Tree Swallow and Bluebirds. 

campers with red eft
We found a red eft! Photo: Audubon Vermont

Later in the week we caught a turtle and some water bugs at beaver pond! Later that day we built bat caves complete with paper bats and spiderwebs at forest camp . It was so fun to pretend to be a bat in the afternoon. The cave also kept us dry.

Beaver Pond finds
Catching water bugs at Beaver Pond Photo: Audubon Vermont

We learned about flying and built and flew kites. Many times we hiked to mossy rocks, played lots of field games too.

Flying our kites!
Flying our kites Photo: Audubon Vermont

On our last day we hiked to the Sherman Hollow brook and built some magical fairy house.

This week just FLEW by!

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