Summer Day Camp Blog

Bird Bonanza

July 25-29

This week we got out our binoculars and explored Audubon in search of our avian friends. We spent time learning about birds through games, bird walks, learning their songs, and celebrating what makes a bird a bird and what makes them so fascinating.

Every day we enjoyed a daily bird walk, some in the afternoon, and some in the morning to try and see as many different species as possible. we spent some time with the ID books to help us learn about the different birds too. We idenitifed 54 birds during the week!

Of course we played so many field games too!

We explored our creative side and picked birds to practice drawing and coloring in. They came out amazing. 

On Thursday we started off getting to see Audubon's Bird Banding station and got to see so many birds up close. Later that morning we hiked up to the Birds of Vermont Museum and looked at all of the incredible carvings.

Two students in the Bird Blind with Binoculars
Looking for birds with our binoculars in our bird blind! Photo: Audubon Vermont
camper looking at broken bird egg in hand
Investigating the broken bird egg found on our bird walk Photo: Audubon Vermont
Robin in it's nest
Found an American Robin in it's nest Photo: Audubon Vermont
Two students in a cut out sign
Our visit to the Birds of Vermont Museum Photo: Audubon Vermont
Student drawing of a Woodpecker
What kind of bird is this? Photo: Audubon Vermont
Students bird drawing
Can you identify this bird? Photo: Audubon Vermont

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