Forest Classroom

Beaver Pond Bioblitz Day!

Week 1


Our first ever Forest Classroom, and on such a beautiful day! Even though we were wearing masks you could tell we were all smiling under them. How good it feels to be back in the clubhouse!

The Clubhouse finally being used again and our home base for the next 9 weeks! Photo: Audubon Vermont

After we arrived we got started right away with making our Forest Classroom journals, we will hopefully use during our weeks at Audubon. After that we had some time to free play with everyone in the field and get out all our sillys!

As we settled, Sarah let us in sharing our names, pronouns, and one fun thing we did this summer, the activities ranged from camping, boating, biking, and more! We could tell we had a really active group. After snack we played a great game of Park Ranger, if you don’t know what it is, ask your student, we will be playing it a lot in the next few weeks!

Sarah and I had planned out a great day to get to know everyone doing an Audubon favorite, pond scooping at Beaver Pond! We did what we call a 'bioblitz', we wrote down and ID’d every critter we saw and caught. We brought nets, yogurt cups, and basins to collect all the aquatic critters we could! The sun was shining down on us keeping us nice and warm! At the end of our time we went through and identified all the critters we found!

Beginning our scooping time at Beaver Pond! Photo: Audubon Vermont
Photo: Audubon Vermont
Photo: Audubon Vermont
Waiting quietly for a frog to JUMP out! Photo: Audubon Vermont

Our tally was:

9 frogs, 1 green grog and 8 leopard frogs

4 red efts

2 dragonfly larvae

2 damselflies

1 dragonfly  

2 snails

1 leech

1 orb-weaver spider

Green Frog Photo: Audubon Vermont
Red Efts, Frogs, and more! Photo: Audubon Vermont

We ended our time eating lunch in the sugarbush. Sarah and I read a book that we will hopefully get through by the end called, Who Killed Cock Robin, by Jean Craighead George! Before we knew it, our families were coming to pick us up and it was the end of the day.

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