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Ecology Day Camp, Week 3

This week we built and practiced our backcountry survival skills, then put them to the test. From a hike up Camel's Hump to an overnight in the Audubon woods, this week of camp was full of adventure!

Monday we started off strong with fire building and shelter building. We learned different styles of fires to make and how to keep them alive. The shelters that we started to build today we can possibly sleep in during the overnight on Thursday, we will continue to work on them throughout the whole week. In the afternoon we visited the Brook and searched for critters. 

Wednesday we hiked up to the Birds of Vermont Museum and got to explore and see the amazing bird carvings. We then enjoyed our lunch there before hiking back to Audubon. We enjoyed an afetrnoon exploring the Huntington River too.

Birds of Vermont Museum
We enjoyed the Birds of Vermont Museum! Photo: Audubon Vermont

Thursday started off strong with our Camels Hump hike! All groups made it to the top and had a wonderful view. Once back at Audubon we got prepped for the camp out. We play nighttime sardines, made a fire and cooked hot dogs and s’mores. Some Campers did actually slept in their shelters!

Camels hump
Made it to the top of Camels Hump! Photo: Audubon Vermont
Evening campfire
Our evening campfire roasting hotdogs! Photo: Audubon Vermont

Friday everyone woke up and had a breakfast fire, cooked bread on a stick, cooked fruit on the the fire, and then cleaned up. We had a morning visit to beaver pond, played life or death in the forest, as well as a few field games, and charades when it started to rain. 

campers in the morning
Morning Campfire Photo: Audubon Vermont

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