Summer Day Camp Blog

Backwoods Venture

June 21-24 2022


This week is all about building and practicing our backcountry survival skills and putting them to the test.

Tuesday: We started to build our shelters that we could sleep in during our camp out Thursday night. We were all architects balancing sticks, building roofs, and the walls of our shelters. We also explored Beaver Pond in the afternoon and learned about the critters in the pond and how to safely and carefully catch them and observe them. We caught so many huge tadpoles, pollywogs, crayfish, catfish, and so much more! The pond was full of so much to investigate.

campers building a shelter
Campers working together to start on their shelters Photo: Audubon Vermont
Campers at Beaver Pond
Scoping at Beaver Pond Photo: Audubon Vermont
Camper with net
Caught something! Photo: Audubon Vermont
Campers looking at a bin full of critters
Examining our looky no touchy bin Photo: Audubon Vermont

Wednesday: We focused on our fire building ability in the morning. We learned the 3 things fire needs to survive; oxygen, fuel, and heat. We also discussed different styles of fire structures, like a long cabin, a-frame, etc. and decided to all work on making a log cabin structure. Every group was given 10 matches that they could use to light there fire. Each group successfully made and lit there fires for a period of time! In the afternoon we went to the Sherman Hollow Brook and explores the wonders there. We also continued to work on our shelters too.

Campers building a fire
Working on building up their fire structure Photo: Audubon Vermont
campers blowing on fire
Giving our fire some oxygen to make it bigger! Photo: Audubon Vermont
Student catching critters in Brook
Catching critters in a net at the Brook! Photo: Audubon Vermont

Thursday: With the rainy weather we put off hiking Camel’s Hump and instead stayed at Audubon all day. We worked and finished our shelters and some of us contemplated whether or not they would be slept in overnight. We visited the brook again, played so many field games too. We also played an Audubon Camp Favorite game, Life and Death in the Forest! We set up our tents, enjoyed dinner over a fire and s’mores! We caught fireflies, played flashlight tag, and told stories around the campfire!

Friday: Our day started off quick with breakfast and making sure we were all packed up to hike up Camel’s Hump. We divided into our trail groups and began our journey! Our groups sang songs up the mountain, played games like Contact, and listened to the birds singing. We all summited and enjoyed a beautiful view!

Two campers on top of camels hump
Photo: Audubon Vermont
Camels hump group photo
The group on top of Camel's Hump! Photo: Audubon Vermont
Camp group on camels hump
Photo: Audubon Vermont

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