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Audubon Quest

Ecology Day Camp, week 8

X marks the spot! This week we put our treasure hunting skills to the test! We learned to make and read maps, decipher clues, and search for the natural mysteries of Audubon! We explore every section of Audubon, from the ponds to the forests.

This week was Pirate week at Audubon Camp! We went on quests to various places while deciphering clues left by the pirates leading up to a visit from the pirates at the end of the week. We event built some hiding spaces too.

camper by fort
Photo: Audubon Vermont
Campers in the woods
Photo: Audubon Vermont

We explored the Brook, sandy corners, beaver pond, peeper pond, and other classic Audubon nooks and crannies. Throughout the week we played games like Life and Death in the Forest, Capture the Flag, Dragon Tails, Everyone’s It Tag, Sparrows and Hawks, and Camouflage.

camper in tree
Photo: Audubon Vermont

Each camper drew maps to find camo critters they hid, then swapped them with one another camper and tried to find them.

campers drawing
Designing our maps Photo: Audubon Vermont

We went on treasure hunts, made a fire, ate s’mores and Pirate Booty to wrap up the week!

S'more and camper
YUMMMMMMM Smores! Photo: Audubon Vermont

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