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Ecology Day Camp, week 7

This week we dove into all things wet and wonderful!  We cooled off on our hot summer's day engineering dams and boats at the pond, river, and brook. We discovered the creatures that live below the surface and found our place in the watershed during this week of watery worlds. 

We took time to explore every aspect of water this week. One game we enjoyed was our water cycle bead game. It starts with everyone as a drop of water and we rotate through stations follow the instructions see where we go as our drop of water. Are we stuck in a glacier, or do we go from cloud, to ground water, to river within moments. It was interesting to see that everyone “life cycle” was different and no two water droplets took the same path.

We worked really hard on building boats this week. We designed them and drew out plans before we brought in materials to make them. Later in the week we tested our boats with a race at the brook.

boat race at brook
Racing our boats at the Brook Photo: Audubon Vermont

We learned all about macroinvertebrates and did some frog catching at beaver pond too. We caught green frogs, pickerels, and heard some bullfrogs too.

Camper with a frog
Photo: Audubon Vermont
Camper with a frog
Photo: Audubon Vermont

Luckily the river was lower this week and it allowed us to exploring this water area. We compared how the river, brook, and pond we all different and also discussed how they were similar too.

This week wouldn’t have been aquatics without a little time building dams and aquatic homes too!

Student building dam
Working on a animal home and dam Photo: Audubon Vermont

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