Adopt-A-Trail Program at Audubon Vermont

Volunteer to help maintain our 5 miles of nature trails by becoming a Trail Adopter!

Looking to get involved in local conservation and spend time outdoors? The Adopt-A-Trail Program is the perfect opportunity. This new trail conservation and maintenance program will invite community members and groups to take ownership over one of ten trails at the Green Mountain Audubon Center. Adopters will be responsible for performing basic maintenance tasks that help keep our 250+ acre nature center safe and pristine for all to use. Your participation will help staff identify problems like invasive species, erosion, flooding and fallen trees.

Anyone over the age of 18 can become a Trail Adopter. If you are adopting with a group that includes children under the age of 18, an adult must always be present during Trail Work Days and there are restrictions on tools they may use. This is a great project for families, teams, scout groups, 4-H groups and other groups looking to work on an outdoor project together. However, you may also choose to adopt a trail alone or with one other person.

The adoption period for is one yearAdopters are asked to perform trail inspections any month that they are not committing to a trail work day. An inspection simply requires a walkthrough and trail report whereas a work day is dedicated to hands-on trail maintenance projects and a trail report. Most trail work will occur during the spring, summer and fall. On work days, Adopters will perform basic maintenance tasks such as clearing the trail of debris, pruning vegetation back, restocking trail maps and other repairs within your skill range. Our Trail Availability List provides trail difficulty ratings, trail length and specific maintenance tasks by trail to help you choose which is best for you.  

For more information and directions on how to sign up visit our Adopt-A-Trail Program page. 

Contact Sarah Hooghuis with any questions,

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