Adopt-A-Trail on the News!

Our Americorps Member, Sarah Hooghuis, joins Local 22/44 News to highlight Adopt-A-Trail.

This past Monday our newest volunteer program, Adopt-A-Trail, was highlighted on Local 22/44 News. The program was created by our Education and Outreach Americorps member, Sarah Hooghuis and launched in July. During the segment, Sarah talks with a reporter about program logistics, the importance of having opportunities for community members to get outside during COVID-19 and how she hopes this program will give folks who are interested in land conservation a chance to gain hands-on experience. 

We already have 20+ Trail Adopters who are out on the trails performing basic maintanence tasks that keep our trail system safe and pristine for the community to enjoy! We still have TWO trails left: Beaver Pond Overlook Trail and the Arboretumn Trail. 

If you are interested in adopting one of the remaining trails visit the Adopt-A-Trail page or contact Sarah,

Thanks so much to our members and community partners who have volunteered to adopt - it means so much to us! Also a special thanks to Local 22/44 News ( for giving us the opportunity to share this program.

Education and Outreach Americorps Member, Sarah Hooghuis on the local news.

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