2020 Bobolink Project Is Up and Running

Donations and Applications Accepted

The Bobolink Project website is now up and running and accepting donations and applications for the 2020 Bobolink Project season. 

Farmer and landowner applications are open until March 15. We highly recommend that you read through all of the information on the For Farmers page. There are no fees associated with application—so please submit an application if you feel like this is a good option for your property.

Donations are accepted any time, but only donations received before April 15 will be used in the 2020 season. The number and which farms accepted into the program depends wholly on the total amount of donations accumulated when the contracts are finalized. Any donations after April 15 will be saved for the 2021 season.

To date The Bobolink Project has been hugely successful, especially in Vermont. In 2019, the Bobolink Project raised approximately $49,000 in funds that were used compensate 15 landowners for providing enhanced grasslands habitat on 928 acres.  Vermont continued to be the most popular state for this work with 824 acres enrolled in 2019, continuing a trend of increasing number of acres enrolled in Vermont for the past five consecutive years. Audubon Vermont and University of Vermont conservation biologists survey the fields each year to monitor landowner compliance and estimate the numbers of Bobolinks nesting on each field.  An estimated 633 Bobolinks fledged from Vermont fields in 2019.

Please contact if you have any questions about applying or donating.


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