Drew Conde

Bird-Friendly Forestry Conservation Intern

Naturally gravitating towards woodlands, wetlands, and rivers from a young age, Drew, who is originally from eastern Massachusetts, instantly fell in love with maple sugaring upon moving to Vermont. A recent graduate University of Vermont with a degree in Forestry, Drew indulges in learning about forest ecosystems and their ecological and economic intertwining. Prior to his work with Audubon VT, he has worked for the Bird Friendly Maple Efficacy study as well as the Proctor Maple Research Center. He is passionate about how scientific research affects conservation and industrial forest decision making and is excited to pursue opportunities which allow him to grow and learn. Outside of academic pursuits, Drew loves to hike, read, camp, rock climb, ski, fish, forage, grow vegetables, and cook. 

Articles by Drew Conde

The Future of Bird-Friendly Maple

The Future of Bird-Friendly Maple

— An exploration into the potential development of Bird-Friendly Maple and the costs and benefits of pursuing new approaches.