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Roughly 80% of our region's forests are privately owned, making private woodlands part of the solution.

Roughly 80% of our region's forests are privately owned.  When considered in the broader landscape, even the smallest properties can be critical parts of the large blocks of forest in our region that support breeding birds.  Small actions by landowners can have a global impact, and private forestland stewardship is the key to forest conservation and wildlife habitat protection in our region.  As a result, we provide educational opportunities, as well as direct support and services, to woodland owners and communities to help promote forest bird habitat conservation on private lands.

Technical assistance for woodland landowners

Audubon Vermont Conservation Biologists are helping woodland owners make the best choices for the birds in their woods.  From a thorough assessment of habitat to thoughtful planning to careful management to permanent conservation, we assist landowners with taking concrete steps to protect bird habitat and forest health and productivity.  Learn more about Audubon Vermont's technical assistance for landowners and how to sign up.

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I learn best by doing things, so being in the woods with an Audubon biologist and having her point out specific spots where good habitat or lack of good habitat existed was really critical for me - much more effective than the research I've done in books on my own. –Tanya Balsely, Vermont woodland owner

Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn firsthand about birds and their needs and preferred spaces.  I can't say when I have ever learned so much in a day that can directly be put into action.  –Louise Scott, Vermont woodland owner

“Thank you so much for everything yesterday.  The bird walk was easily one of my lifetime highlights.  I just was thrilled to be outside on our land and to see it from a bird’s point of view.” – Amy McElroy, Vermont woodland owner

“Got your report, and it is fantastic! It's really great to read your assessment, section by section, and understand more about the habitat in the different stands, as well as to see the big picture of how our property fits into the larger scheme of things.  This is an excellent report and we're delighted to have it, and to be able to share it with our forester, to think about it in our planning and forestry, and you can be sure we'll be showing it to our neighbors! We can't thank you enough.” – Chris Runcie, Vermont landowner

“On behalf of the Waitsfield Conservation Commission I would like to thank you for completing the “Forest Bird Habitat Assessment” for our town.  In addition to providing valuable advice about how to care for the lands that comprise Scrag Municipal Forest, the document also provides a wonderful starting point for celebrating the plant and animal species that reside there.  We are definitely hoping to further educate the public about these special parcels and we will continue to look to you for guidance.” – Waitsfield (VT) Conservation Commission

“The Audubon habitat assessment provided valuable insights and practical ideas. The biologist that visited our land is an astute teacher. The information he communicates is concrete and relevant to the moment as well as to long term goals. For example he contrasted a sugar bush with an apple orchard, a comparison that crystalized the concept of managing the forest for the health of the whole ecosystem. (instead of creating a mono-culture such as an apple orchard). – Catherine Cooper-Ellis, Hidden Springs Maple, LLC.

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