Welcome to the Year of the Bird!

Bird Your World in 2018

2018 marks the centennial of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, the most powerful and important bird-protection law ever passed. In honor of this milestone, Audubon Vermont is excited to join nature lovers around the world to celebrate the Year of the Bird and commit to protecting birds today and for the next hundred years. 

Year of the Bird
Northern Cardinal Photo: Michele Black/GBBC

This year, Audubon Vermont will be working with thousands of Vermonters to protect birds and their habitats across the state.  We are working with landowners in our forests and across the Champlain Valley to improve breeding habitat.  We are even partnering with Maple Syrup producers and solar energy producers to  incorporate birds into their business practices. Our Plants for Birds program is a growing resource for Vermont homeowners and gardeners who want to make their backyards places where birds can thrive.  We will be offering education programs and workshops throughout the year to help inspire and nuture a passion for our natural places.  We will be working hard to make 2018 a bird year to remember.  How about you?

If you love birds like we do and you are wondering how you can help make 2018 the Year of the Bird, Sign the pledge to bird your world. Join us and help build a better world for birds by taking a simple but meaningful action each month. Learn how you can help by signing up at

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