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Mitten Madness and Snow!

November 17, 2017

This Friday was another cold week at Forest Preschool, and there was even snow on the ground. How exciting! To further prepare ourselves for the cold winter, we had a "Morning Mitten Madness" and practiced doing different silly things with our mittens on so that we could be successful doing things outside with them on.

Morning Mitten Challenge #1: Pasta Color Sorting Photo: Audubon Vermont

First, Emily had us arrange different colored pasta pieces into separate buckets with our mittens on. Though it took us a while, we got all of the pieces into the right buckets. After that, we took pipe cleaners and put beads on them to make bracelets, also with our mittens on! We all had to put a minimum of 10 beads on them, and our hard work was rewarded with some beautiful bracelets at the end. For one last practice, we ate our snacks inside with mittens on the entire time to prove that we had mastered our winter skills.

Morning Mitten Madness Challenge #2: Beading pipe cleaners to make bracelets Photo: Audubon Vermont
Photo: Audubon Vermont

All was a success, and we were ready to head outside after our snack. We were all so happy that there was snow on the ground, and we just had to play in it. We played several rounds of "What Time is it Mr. Fox?" out in the front yard, where we all ran back and forth trying not to get tagged by Mr. Fox. After that, we went into the backyard and made snow angels and enjoyed the snow. We took a little hike around the woods near Forest Preschool to see how different it looks with snow, and by then it was time to head inside to warm up our fingers and toes with a lunch break.

We do love to eat snow! Photo: Audubon Vermont
Playing What Time is it Mr. Fox! Photo: Audubon Vermont
Photo: Audubon Vermont

We read "The Mitten" during our lunch, which was super relatable to the day's activities! Of course, we ended with some fun, spread out coloring on the tables and freeze-dancing, taking in all that we learned today. 

Snow makes us silly Photo: Audubon Vermont

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