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Our Mossy Rock Adventure

September 15, 2017

Another beautiful day at Forest Preschool!  The sun was shining and it sure was warm outside, almost felt like summer was still with us. We started off our day outside, playing in the mud kitchen and some of us were practicing our jumping too.

While playing in the mud kitchen we found a salamander! Photo: Audubon Vermont

Some of our friends noticed that there were some stumps already in a circle in the lawn, and decided to make a pretend fire circle.  We had gathered wood to fuel the fire, but before we could ”light the fire” we needed to make a fire ring around the fire wood, for safety. We gathered up some rocks and made a great fire ring around our fuel.  Next Debbie asked, what we do with a fire, and everyone pretty much yelled out ROAST MARSHMALLOWS! So, we all grabbed roasting sticks and sat around our pretend fire, roasting our pretend marshmallows, and boy did they taste great! It was incredible seeing the imagination of every forest preschooler and all working together to experience this same incredible thing.  We even acted like the sticks were hot from roasting our marshmallows and practiced our fire safety skills.

Photo: Audubon Vermont

After our fun morning, we geared up to head to Forest Camp for our morning meeting and snack. Every week we are going to have a new morning meeting helper who plans our entire day, picking the activities we do, deciding if we want to craft, and even telling us when we will be eating lunch.  This is a great way for each preschooler to learn and process our routine each week, while being able to express what they want to get from Forest Preschool.  We are now able to have all of our morning meetings outside with our new morning meeting board made by Emily!  If you are interested in looking at our board, it will always be at Forest Camp, and your Forest Preschooler can take you there!

Our new Morning Meeting Board! Photo: Audubon Vermont

Our meeting helper chose to hike up to Mossy Rocks, play, and have lunch there too!  We all grabbed our lunch boxes and began the hike to Mossy Rocks.  Once there, we placed our items together and climbed up the mossy rocks and played!  Some of our friends climbed up a tree and pretended it was a spaceship/airplane.  They traveled to space, and on the way back made a stop in Florida.  Others of us looked at all the leaves that were on the ground, made some fairy houses, and played with the rocks.  It was a great time outside!

Photo: Audubon Vermont
The best way to travel is by tree! Photo: Audubon Vermont
Photo: Audubon Vermont

As always, we ended our day with our Thank You Circle - this week we were outside at our pretend fire circle by the barn.  Debbie was thankful for the new morning meeting board, Emily was thankful for the beautiful weather, some others were thankful for Forest Camp, being able to play and explore outside all morning, and Forest Preschool in general.

It was such an incredible day and we know it’ll only get better!

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