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Highlights from Extreme Earth Artists

August 17, 2017

For the last week of Audubon Vermont Ecology Day Camp this summer, the theme was Extreme Earth Artists. We learned how to use the earth around us to make different sculptures, paintings, and other creations from all things outdoors--bark, leaves, flowers, grass and so much more.

Mud paint camp
Photo: Audubon Vermont
Mud Art Camp
Mud Art Photo: Audubon Vermont

On Monday, we spent the morning exploring Beaver Pond and the Brook, seeing what they have to offer us for some earthly creations. Later, we cooled off at the Huntington River and played some fan-favorite games, like Bob the Weasel and Everyone Tag, based on 1 fish 2 fish. 

Mobile making
Making some mobiles Photo: Audubon Vermont

On Tuesday, we made our own mobiles to hang and spin around using natural items that we foraged from around Audubon! Campers got to take them home to show their families their hard earth-made work. We also did some nature yoga to relax and wind down after lunch. 

Mobile making
Photo: Audubon Vermont
Mobile making
Photo: Audubon Vermont

On Wednesday, we picked honeysuckle and golden rod berries and used them to dye our own bandanas. Later in the day, we used mud paint to create works of art at the Beaver Pond. We also made rock sculptures and rock balances at the brook. 

Handmade Dye
Making our own dye Photo: Audubon Vermont
Mobile making
Photo: Audubon Vermont

Today, we hiked down to the Birds of Vermont Museum to learn more about birds and explore the world around us further. Later in the afternoon, we will do nature yoga and make our own necklaces out of rocks. 

Fort Camp
Photo: Audubon Vermont
Found a frog at camp
Campers found a frog! Photo: Audubon Vermont
Nature Yoga Camp
Photo: Audubon Vermont
More nature yoga camp
Photo: Audubon Vermont
headstand camp
Photo: Headstands!

As per usual, on Friday we will play the campers' all time favorite game, Life and Death in the Forest. This game mimics species dynamics and life cycles in the forest by giving campers the chance to play in different animal groups, run around, practice their stealth skills, and prey on other groups of animals. Finally, since it is the last week of camp, we will present the Audubon Banner, and send all the counselors and campers home with great memories of the magical Audubon summer! 

Relaxing by the River at Camp
Relaxing by the river Photo: Audubon Vermont
Extreme earth artists group camp
Happy Campers! Photo: Audubon Vermont

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