Winter Eagle Results

27 Bald Eagles and one Golden Eagle

Volunteers braved challenging weather conditions to count eagles during the 2018 Winter Bald Eagle Survey. The weather during the 2-week period covered the gamut of conditions: extreme cold, extreme warmth, rain, ice, and snow. Amazingly, volunteers counted 27 eagles on the standard survey routes, and citizens reported at least 51 additional eagles throughout the state.  A Golden Eagle was also reported on eBird during the survey period.

The standard survey count was below counts completed the previous two years, but was similar to other counts from 2008-2013. The Connecticut River, which was more frozen than usual, had fewer eagles this year compared to recent years. The Lake Champlain shoreline had close to the same numbers as last year, with a total of 21 birds counted.

Thanks to everyone who reported sightings during the 2018 survey period.  We received over 30 reports of eagles throughout the state. 

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