Wind Storm Recovery Update

Seeking Volunteer Work Groups. Office update. Trails update.

The Trails

A HUGE THANK YOU to Shelburne Farms for their assistance in helping with the wind storm clean up at the Green Mountain Audubon Center last Thursday!! Marshall, Dana, Jeremy, and Travis spent the entire day working through the tangle and opening up a highly-used trail in the sugarbush. Without their skill and the heavy equipment they brought along this trail would have remained closed for quite some time. It's great to know that our friends and colleagues will be there in times of need. You guys are the best!!

This coming Thursday a crew from VYCC (Vermont Youth Conservation Corp) will be working on the Hires Trail and other troublesome spots to help open up more of our trails.

It's going to take us months to get our trails back into the shape they were before the wind storm hit. Please pardon our appearance while we work hard to recover from the storm.

Most trails at the Green Mountain Audubon Center are now open, except for the following trails:

  • The Spear Trail
  • The White Pine Trail
  • The Hires Trail
  • The Museum Trail

How you can help:

  • Volunteer Work Groups: If you work for a company that allows employees to volunteer time during the week, we are looking for organized groups possibly starting as early as next week to help with clean-up. Please contact Kim Guertin, our Audubon Center Director, if you can help organize a group to help during the work week. or 802/434-3068
  • Please stay off of closed trails until they are open. Check our News page or Facebook page for the latest updates.
  • Make a donation to support the Green Mountain Audubon Center as we work together to repair our buildings and trails after the wind storm. Click here to donate.
  • When the trails are open again, lend a hand.
    • As you walk the trails, if you see small branches please move them to the side of the trail.
    • If you find a tree blocking a trail that has re-opened please let us know so we can remove it. Email to let us know the location and what you find.

The Office

It took Limbwalker Tree Service two full days to remove the huge Black Locust tree from the Audubon Vermont office building last Wednesday and Thursday. This was a tricky job, requiring special equipment and skills. A great big thank-you to all of the crew of Limbwalker Tree Service for your hard  work and for getting out to Audubon so quickly!

Repairs will need to be made to the office building. The porch and porch roof will require much more extensive repairs. Please observe the caution tape on the porch. Use our back ramp entrance until we are able to reopen the front porch.

Audubon Vermont Office Hours are 9 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday.

Wind Storm Recovery_Audubon Vermont
Limberwalker Tree Service removes limbs from a Black Locust tree which fell on the office building of Audubon Vermont. Photo: Audubon Vermont

VIDEO: Limbwalker Tree Service removes a Black Locust tree from the office building of Audubon Vermont

How you can help, right now