Vermont Peregrine Falcons Break Population Record

The Vermont Peregrine Falcon population will likely reach a new all-time high of nearly 60 pairs in 2018.  Audubon Vermont's staff and community scientists, and VT Fish & Wildlife staff are beginning the process of tallying the results for this year's breeding season.  At least 55 cliffs are known to be occupied, surpassing previous records from 2016 & 2017 of 51 pairs.  The young are still growing on the nests at most sites, but there are a few low elevation sites where young have already learned to fly.  Most young will have fledged (taken their first flight) by mid-July, and will spend the rest of the summer practicing their flying and hunting skills.  They will no longer be dependent on their parents for food a month after fledging, and will start exploring the areas around their natal cliffs.  Cliffs that are officially closed to climbing and hiking will re-open August 1, unless it makes sense to open them earlier.

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Young Peregrine Falcons on their nest Photo: Steve Faccio

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