Thank you for a Great Summer

Summer Camp at the Green Mountain Audubon Center

While we might have one more week on the calendar until the start of fall, for me, the end of summer comes with the last day of Summer Camp. It brings with it a whole mess of feelings, from exhaustion to joy to sadness to looking forward to next year (yes, already!). After 2 months of having a summer staff, of having up to 50 summer campers (plus the occasional group here for a field trip) on site each day, and seeing the Sugarhouse parking lot FULL, it feels a little too quiet around here.  
     Summer camp is special. It provides as safe and engaging place for kids to try new things, to spend time with adults and teenagers they are not related to, to run and pretend and learn, to be fully outdoors. There is a freedom that schools can’t quite provide. Between Monday-morning drop-offs and Friday-afternoon pick-ups we watch children bloom. For some, leaving the side of a mom/dad/grandparent/friend at the start of the day is really hard. But we get to see those kids find their confidence as the day goes on, make friends with other campers, make connections with staff and volunteers, and experience the Green Mountain Audubon Center. I heard a camper exclaim, “This is the best week of my life!” What a reminder for me to take some time away from my adult world and be present in the day-to-day.
     Summer camp gives back to all of those involved, not just the campers. Thank you for entrusting us with the young humans in your life, even if it’s for a short while.Thank you for being part of our community and making Audubon Vermont and the Green Mountain Audubon Center a part of yours.

Photo: Audubon Vermont

Camp 2018 by the Numbers
94% filled
7 weeks of Ecology Camp
5 Weeks of Preschool Camp
301 total spaces available
$860 of scholarship funds used
18 Volunteers

Early Bird Registration for Camp 2019 opens January 14, 2019!

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