Summer Day Camps

Highlights From Things With Wings and It's Not Easy Being Green

June 23, 2016

From finding refuge under forts in the forests we can now call home to letting the sun wrap around us like blankets while catching insects in tall grass at Peeper Pond, week 1 of summer camp has been a success. Using tongs as beaks and paper plates with cut out eyes as masks let our imaginations soar.  Here are parts we found most memorable!

                                 Jumping like grasshoppers and investigating terrariums...

Phoebe nest!

Favorite memories from staff...

"Duck, duck, duck, it was getting closer and closer. Duck, duck…GOOSE!  The corners of his mouth slowly lifted as if plunged into an anti-gravitational field.  His eyes burst from dullness into the intense light of absolute joy, while his body, like an organic spring, tensed and coiled, preparing itself for the launch of a lifetime.  With an uncontrollable yelp, he exploded from the grass.  As if surprised by his own stance, he momentarily swayed, gazing wide-eyed at the circle of campers before him.  Then it clicked.  His swaying gaze erupted into a brilliant, elated display of screaming and flailing and jumping.  The wild movement gradually synchronized to a critical point, at which his churning legs propelled him forwards out away from the circle of cheering campers.  With no regard for the rules of Duck Duck Goose, he disappeared into the field."


Summer Camp Staff and Campers playing Duck, Duck, Goose!
'I was with Ruby in the meadow walking and I said "oh look at all of the milkweed," and the day before we had learned about butterflies and she responded with "so then where are the butterflies?" It was great because it showed that she was learning.'


Other favorite memories from staff...

  • Getting the chance to see a porcupine in a tree while playing sardines
  • Getting to catch cool insects in the field
  • When we were hunting for grasshoppers, a camper caught one within the first 10 seconds and she was so happy and proud.

A joke told while passing along "Troll Bridge": What do you get when you cross a turtle a porcupine together?

A slow poke!

We were then greeted with part of the joke!

Here are some more memories to share... thanks for following us!

At beaver pond...

Investigating bird nests...

Testing our grasshopper skills!

The best mud kitchen around!

At the Huntington River on a rainy afternoon...

Searching for insects in the meadow!

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