Summer Day Camps

Highlights from Mad Scientists

July 1, 2016

This week at Audubon we walked in as campers and left as scientists! Using all our five senses, we found our fingertips coated in slime after letting earthworms crawl on our skin, our eyes wide open watching our hand-crafted boats catch miniature tides in the river, and so much more. We were not fearful of the muck baby turtles resided in at Beaver Pond nor of taking jaguar-esque leaps during heated games of “Park Ranger.”

"If you are an animal with super powers- Go!!!!"

By the end of the day we all turned into caterpillars in cocoons with a visiting yoga instructor!

and cobras

Embracing the Sun after hatching as butterflies

Finding niches for journal brainstorming and writing

Who knew ferns make excellent sails?


Explorations at Beaver Pond

Greeted by a baby painted turtle during our biotic index project.

Collecting water samples for our water pollution experiment.

Searching, collecting and observing (crayfish)

Notes from staff and more pictures...

"The dappled sunlight shone down upon the forest as we all held onto our partners arms to steady our balance. With one foot stretched out behind us, the other grounded and steady. Our bodies folded forward, looking down upon the leaves, we concentrated on one place to keep our balance. Having been still for almost a whole minute we switched sides. I began to teeter on my left foot... we came to the close of our practice and found ourselves lying amongst the trees looking up into the sky and breathing in the beautiful day."


Other highlights from staff:

-algae growth experiments and sharing riddles

-playing life and death in the forest

-watching campers design their water, soil, and animal experiments

-seeing campers call in the rain during our thunderstorms on Wednesday

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