Farewell to Jim

After 20 years at Audubon, Jim Shallow has decided to start a new chapter in his career. Jim will become the Director of Strategic Conservation Initiatives at the Vermont chapter of The Nature Conservancy. 

Jim came to Audubon to open the Vermont State Office 1997 and worked to create an alliance with the Green Mountain Audubon Society. He was the first executive director of Audubon Vermont, starting in 2000. In 2005, he shifted his responsibilities to become Audubon Vermont’s Conservation and Policy Director and launched our Forest Bird Initiative, which works to conserve the forests of Vermont and New England to maintain their role as globally important breeding habitat for neo-tropical migratory birds. With Jim’s leadership, our targeted landowner and forester outreach and policy strategies have influenced management on over 300,000 acres. In 2013, Jim took on the role of Managing Director at Audubon Vermont.

“Having been with Audubon Vermont since its inception I have had the great pleasure of working with Jim for the past 20 years. With Jim’s guidance I grew professionally and was afforded the incredible opportunity to be part of a great network of people focused on conserving birds and their forest habitat. Although he has moved on from the organization, Jim will always be part of the Audubon family.”

Steve Hagenbuch, Audubon Vermont Conservation Biologist

A word of farewell from our departing Managing Director, Jim Shallow:

“Along this 20-year journey, I have had the pleasure to work with great staff, chapter leaders and conservation partners across our small state and throughout the flyway including Belize. I have been fortunate that my years at Audubon gave me the opportunity see firsthand the diverse network of Audubon programs and the passion and commitment of the people who make conservation happen.

There are so many people I want to thank for making Audubon such a great place to work, but the list would be long and inevitably, I would leave someone off.  So instead, I will thank you all for your passion and dedication to the cause.  Keep up the great work; birds and our earth deserve no less.

Jim Shallow, Departing Audubon Vermont Managing Director

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A New Chapter for Audubon

Audubon seeks a Managing Director to lead Audubon Vermont and build on its rich history to expand the organization’s contributions to conservation in Vermont and throughout the Atlantic Flyway. Learn more and apply online.

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