Fall programming: Back in action!

Forest preschoolers rack up an impressive amount of time outside

Education programs at the Green Mountain Audubon Center are ramping up now that school is back in session. Last year over 5,000 children and adults engaged in environmental education with Audubon staff. There is something for everyone: school groups, college classes, foresters, individuals, scouts, and camp groups. 

Forest preschool, a 4 hour, once a week program for children 3-5 started last week. This 14 week program gives some of our youngest visitors the chance to connect to nature with place-based learning. The children take turns deciding where they want to explore and spend their time, meaning they have a voice in their outdoor learning. By the end of December these preschoolers will have spent nearly 450 collective hours outsideJust by going outside once a week. More than just building motor skills and learning social behaviors (which are important), doctors have described other benefits of outdoor play.

So get outside with Audubon! Visit the Green Mountain Audubon Center, schedule a field trip, participate in an afterschool program (Brewster Pierce filling now!), or sign up for Forest Preschool. Contact Education Program Coordinator Debbie Archer or check our events page.

Peeking through the Fort
Photo: Audubon Vermont

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