Stick-Season Bird Monitoring Walk

Citizen Science

Saturday, November 18, 2017
8:00am - 10:00amHuntington, Vermont

Location Details

Audubon Vermont's Green Mountain Audubon Center

255 Sherman Hollow Road, Huntington, 05462

Meeting Place: Office Building, Audubon Vermont

Stick-Season Bird Monitoring Walk

November 18, 2017 - Huntington, VT

No registration needed. Meet at Audubon Vermont office.

Vermont's "stick-season" is a fine time to figure out which birds will be sticking around for the winter. With the leaves off the trees, birds are easier to spot as they forage for late-fall food.

We will follow our regular bird monitoring route as we search for birds in the diverse habitats at Audubon. Birders of all levels welcome. Wonderful for those with experience using binoculars and listening to bird song, as well as those who are hoping to develop these skills. We will identify as many as possible of the birds we see or hear, and record counts of their population numbers.

The long-term data we gather contributes to the eBird database, which is available to a global community of educators, land managers, ornithologists, conservation biologists, and the public. Explore bird sightings from Audubon Vermont's Green Mountain Audubon Center.

We typically finish our monitoring route by about 10 am, but you can leave earlier if necessary.
Fee: Donations are appreciated.

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