Annual Autumn Spiny Softshell Turtle Nesting Beach Work Day

Saturday, October 21, 2017
10:00am - 4:00pmNorth Hero, Vermont

Location Details

Start at North Hero State Park (NHSP)

3803 Lakeview Drive, North Hero, 05474

Be sure not to get to North Hero State Park (NHSP) any later than 11:00 AM as we may move to other sites when we complete work at NHSP; how soon depends on how many people show up, and how quickly we finish work at North Hero.  We may be working until 3:00 or 4:00 PM, but feel free to leave at any time.

Directions: Route 2 north past Carry Bay in N. Hero.  Right on Lakeview Drive, just before Rt 2 swings west toward Alburg.  Follow Lakeview almost to the end.  North Hero State Park entrance and sign on left.  Drive to end always bearing right.  Please arrive between 10 and 11 AM.

Contact: Eric Lazarus, 288-9570 or

Annual Autumn Spiny Softshell Turtle Nesting Beach Work Day

October 21, 2017 - North Hero, VT

Contact: Eric Lazarus, 288-9570 or

Join Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist, Steve Parren, and others for an enjoyable and satisfying workday, as we pull up plant growth on some rare stretches of Spiny Softshell nesting beaches at North Hero State Park and Swanton preparing for the turtle egg-laying season next June.  

The Eastern Spiny Softshell Turtle is a threatened species in Vermont, and Steve has worked for the preservation of this species for many years.  While most hatchlings will have crawled up out of their nest and into the lake by the end of September, some late emerging young of other turtle species may still be underground.  Map, Painted, and Snapping Turtles also nest on these beaches. We sometimes find these hatchlings as we pull up the current season’s growth from the shale pebble beaches.  By then the lake will be too cold for them, so they are usually brought indoors for the winter.  ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center cares for some young Spiny Softshells each year to give them a head start on life.  They will overwinter at the aquarium, and in the process become part of the regular educational programming at ECHO.

What to bring: Bring warm clothes in layers, work gloves, and rain gear if needed. Bring only short handled tools, a trowel and/or a hand cultivator.  Bring lunch.  Bring friends.

Families always welcome: Steve will bring some baby Spiny Softshells and other turtle species for you to see and will discuss their biology and conservation need.

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